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Drop The Hammer Designs

Are you wanting a custom T-shirt and/or tank top with your truck on the back? Follow these steps!

1. Email the photo you would like on the back of the shirt including the word "sketch" for a sketched version of your truck, or the word "original" for the image to be left as is. Also, if you would like your Instagram username underneath or a specific hashtag, please include it in the email.

2. Once I receive your request, I will create the shirt and upload it onto the website. Look out for my response telling you it has been posted on the site for sale!

3. Your design will be labeled under the name you emailed me with. Find it, choose your shirt's style/color, then order!  

Once you purchase your new custom shirt, shoot me an email of your username and the shirt or you wearing it for an Instagram story shout out!