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The SMT Experience

Our M.O.

SellMyTees was born from the ideas of a select few to be the go-to source for custom t-shirt printing on the web. Let’s face it, we all love wearing t-shirts! This is one of those ideas that is formed early on in our lives without anyone telling us that “wearing a t-shirt is good.” The thing that we here at SellMyTees learned is that people love to wear t-shirts of their own design. Going to a store and picking out a shirt is fun and all however, to us, nothing beats knowing that we had a hand in our own t-shirt’s design. That is why we want to share that feeling with you. Now YOU can create a t-shirt of your design, have it printed and shipped to you all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but you can also sell your designs to anyone and everyone!

So, want to create some shirts for a big party coming up? Go right ahead! Want to create some special birthday presents for a discerning family member? You can do it! Want some sweet new tees to spice up this year’s family reunion? What a great idea! Have some awesome designs that you want to share with the whole world? We can dig it, with SellMyTees.com, you can do it!

Now we know what you’re thinking, “SellMyTees, that sounds cool and all but I am no graphic designer and I do not have special software on my computer to create the design of my dreams.” Well, you know what, that’s ok, we have you covered. With our powerful Designer’s Studio, anyone (and we mean ANYONE and EVERYONE) can create the tee of their dreams. However, if you have software to create your design we have you covered as well; all you need to do is upload your design into Designer’s Studio. There, that’s it!

Once you order is placed it is sent to our amazing, bearded production department to get your sweet tee printed and shipped. We’ll let you know by email when your order is shipped and when you can expect to start wearing your freshly printed, one-of-a-kind, awesome, amazing, tubular, radical, make you go AWW YEAH t-shirt (trust us, we could keep going with adjectives because that’s just how we feel!).

So, here’s what you have do now: start navigating around the site. There are plenty of stores already opened up by people who share our dream of wearing shirts that we had a hand in creating. Create a tee, trust us, it’s real simple to do! Already have some ideas for shirts? Go ahead and open up a store to sell your designs and start making money. By all means, though, please enjoy yourself and enjoy your tees!


The SellMyTees Team Create, Customize and Sell Your Own T-Shirts Online!