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Designer studio accepts PNG and JPG image file formats.

PNG format is preferred due to its ability to save with a transparent background, and its loss-less compression, best for gradients and text.

Resolution of both formats should be 200DPI for best print results. Dimension should be the size to be printed.

It is recommended that PNG format be used.  There are times when JPG format files work well. Ideally when the image is a rectangle or square and is filled (not transparent) such as pictures etc. Here is an example when JPG format was used:

Resolution must be 200DPI for best results.

Resolution refers to the horizontal and vertical pixels that make up an image. DPI (dots per inch) also PPI (pixels per inch) refers to how many of those pixels are in a square inch. Although they are completly different DPI is the most commonly used terminology. 200DPI image is going to give you higher quality and detail than a 72ppi image (commonly used size on the internet) because those pixels have to be smaller to be crammed into 1 inch. See example.

To keep things simple, on SellMyTees we will refer to resolution using DPI.

7058472dpi.png 57994200dpi.png

A 72 DPI image cannot be converted to 200 DPI. Most images found on the Internet are at 72 DPI, which is the recommended resolution for on-screen viewing but not printing. When you upscale an image from 72 DPI to 200 DPI, you are lowering the quality of the image even more.

Dimension Size

The dimension size of the PNG or JPG file should be the size you want it printed. Files can be made smaller once uploaded but it is not recommended to ever make it larger once uploaded into Designer Studio. Making it larger will make the design blurry.  The larger it is made once uploaded the blurrier it will become.

Note: If the design looks blurry...it will print blurry.

See Designing for Dark Garments for further details. Also all formats must be uploaded in RGB color mode.