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Does SMTs give quantity discounts?

SellMyTees offers discounts to the buyer by means of group rates and coupons.

Group rate pricing is calculated by the quantity purchased at time of checkout. When a purchase is made from an affiliate store the mark-up price is added to the group rate price. The amount the store owner earns is not affected by the group order rate.

At times SellMyTees will offer coupon discounts. Mark-up price is added to the discounted rate of the coupon and will not affect the amount the store owner earns.

Coupons can be used for individual stores too. Coupons can be made as a percentage discount and be used for a single use or can be set up to expire on a certain date. Coupon discounts issued by the store owner is taken from the store markup price. Store coupons can be issued by logging in to the store admin.