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Hell, there are no rules here—we’re just trying to accomplish something. ~Thomas Edison

The team here at PatentWear is passionate about history, inventions, and obscure-yet-exciting facts. With a healthy dose of curiosity, and a love for all things design, we’ve become a dynamic group of motivated researchers, illustrators, and designers, called PatentWear. Our own enthusiasm for the stories behind patents and their often exquisite drawings makes us eager to share those discoveries through our carefully-crafted designs as wearable art.

We play hard, work harder, drink a little tea and coffee daily, read lots, appreciate our earthly environment, and dream as if we, too, were inventors. We are brimming with new design ideas, and we look forward to offering them to you as soon as we humanly can. We welcome your own great ideas and suggestions for favorite patent subjects as well. Just drop us a line via the PatentWear Tees Contact Us form.

We hope you’ll explore our creations, read THE STORY behind the patents (found next to each design), order a few favorites, tell your family and friends, and slip into a little bit of history through the captivating world of patents with us here at PatentWear.

If you’d still like to know more about PatentWear the company, just check out the About PatentWear section in FAQs on our Help Center page.

Image: James Barron’s attempt to stay cool with his “Fan Moved by Mechanism,” patented on March 3, 1837. Drawing from Record Group 241, Records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.