Express Your Voice in 2020

Refactor America is a place for everyone to find their voice in this election year. Whether you identify with Liberal or Conservative ideas, or find yourself standing to the left, the right or firmly in the middle of the political spectrum, we salute you! America is about self-expression as embodied in our storied tradition of political debate, activism and our celebrated right to vote.

So find the gear that best expresses your political position; that speaks to the ideas most important to you; that exemplifies the attributes of the candidates you support; and display it proudly as you engage with your family, friends, co-workers and fellow citizens.

We encourage all Americans to get to know the facts behind the issues and the candidates. Look to support those who are willing to represent the American people and our interests ahead of their own political agenda and personal interests. Participate in healthy debate. Volunteer to support a candidate or cause. And most of all, register to vote and cast your ballot this fall.