“radical merchandise that defines the indefinable”

Seraphim Cloud offers only one promise. My product will create in your viewer that one thing absolutely essential for deep level change. It’s called “the pregnant pause,” or also, “the second-take.” People will stop in their eyes, then their mind, and finally their soul to see what’s different about you. Something doesn’t fit. Something is off. You are showing the world what usually is off-limits and too personal to convey comfortably to others, not just the broader audience but close family members as well. Case in point, you are taking a stand and that’s why you will appear so visibly, viscerally “awkward” and out of step.

Without this brief cessation in the (typically) go-go, non-stop, perpetual hamster wheel activity of people’s lives today, there will be no transformation of the soul. The message of Seraphim Cloud needs to pierce through several layers of delusion and compulsive self-preoccupation in a matter of seconds or the value will immediately be lost.

The main problem with most apparel is that it fails to feed the soul. The popular and trendy is a miserable (but incredibly successful) attempt to take advantage of the ego and run with our gluttonous, over-done and scattered soundbite existence that we regrettably call everyday life. The clothing that reveals what a stranger should really not see and leaves little to the imagination are one example of how companies play on and manipulate our sinful passions and actually disempower usThey promise that we will be paid attention to and garner a protracted gaze that is supposed to make me feel desirable, valuable, and powerful. But this attempt is pathetic. It’s core is sufficiently weak and misleading at best.

I am asking you to be that pause—to use Seraphim Cloud to go beyond the printed cloth to expose the power of God behind the message. And yes, I said the “G” word. Be that bold. Don’t be ashamed of your faith. Position your message right where it is most needed.

Right now we are fighting a war that most people are almost totally oblivious to. You are a soldier in God’s army. This clothing is not clothing. It’s armor. Your sword. If you choose to put on Seraphim Cloud, know this: You may very well get attacked or be judged as an antiquated Jesus freak. People will judge you because they are on the wrong side of the army. Little do they know, but a lot of people are batting for the wrong team. In war there are casualties. Some will not make it to that victorious conclusion, perhaps. But you are here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Just like the introduction to a book: there is a captivating thrill that invites but does not impose, that leads but does not force. With stunning pregnancy the essence of the artist, the color of his quill, enfolds the eye with a drastic, panoramic vision. The graphic fragrance runs like wet paint upon your inmost parts, unloading into your world the power of a freight train that cannot be derailed. We either merely ride the next trend and “hot topic” of a viral explosion, or, hopefully, we carry a piece of something eternal that cannot be hedged-in nor demoted to a level of baby talk because it is not from this place. It comes from above.

Is the scaffolding of your heart strong? Do you pray? Do you feel as though you’re being driven like a whipped stag in a dead-end job or abusive relationship? What’s your favorite drug? (Phone counts!) What if there was a roundtrip, all-expense paid vacation to change the trajectory of all that you are? Would you take it? Should Jesus become your new drug of choice?

Like a complete fool at the crossroads showing the way, I am here in part to challenge you. My clothing apparel line at is not so much about what you wear as who you are. I am not selling a product but a vision. My merchandise mercilessly hacks away at the calloused and sinful roots of an Adamic disobedience that is unfortunately extremely pervasive in our time. But now we can change this.

Seraphim Cloud contains no judgment, no guilt. Rather—I have prayed that your mind be renewed permanently by Christ with this robe of light you now wear. Head to toe. A complete beauty makeover. We must never be so comfortable as to become complacent. Abide in peace, yes, but expand your spiritual perimeter every day to grow beyond those incriminating thoughts that we all have, every day, and which blemish your incredible potential. This limitation is like a paper wall. Tear through it.

Two threads define Seraphim Cloud. Two wings, rising and falling, in an embattled yet symphonic unison. The first is the Call. The second in subjection to the first is the Response. Meaning what exactly? Every single day you are being invited to God’s wedding banquet. The bridegroom calls me, he sends out the invitation to a ridiculous bounty—reaching as many as he can. Come, be forgiven every single thing you have ever done. Come, bake in a light until you are all white, with residual self-hatred seared and scorched and seasoned until it becomes a meal that’s fitting for any king to partake of. The choice, this response, is yours, friend, whether you answer the summons to eternal life.

My clothing is transparent. It’s like being naked. The attention of the eye should not stop at the embossed fabric. It needs to cut through the cloth to expose a heart of infinite compassion and towering, humble wisdom. The eschatological vision has to shine through. If it doesn’t, then the objective has failed like an untimely birth behind some unknown dumpster in a city that hates God. Move out of the concrete jungle and enter the City of God. The world will know where you’re from by what you wear: Your wedding garment will immediately give you away.

And if you need some deep level nourishment beyond the printed cloth, feel free to visit me on Facebook. And please, let me know your thoughts, even your criticism but also your honesty, at

As Christ has called me, I now call you. Step up to the plate, put on your armor at, and knock this thing way out of the park. When you do, your closet will never be the same. Your life, full of honesty and beauty, will finally shine like it was always meant to. This is radical merchandise that defines the indefinable. And the indefinable?

That’s you.