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I'm not your typical person. Not "normal" (and potentially a little crazy upstairs, at least sometimes...) Cookie cutter and marching to the beat personalities are NOT allowed on this website. My products challenge you to be different, to stand out boldly as a radical witness of the aesthetic madness that shaped my three plus decades on this bouncing globe that we call home.

And now this vision shapes and chisels you with a unique flare and gutsy potential that I am asking you to make your own. You're in charge now of how you look and what message you want the world to see.

Choose the road not taken; march to the sound of the Soundless. Go wild and have a blast on Seraphim Cloud - and don't settle for the safe and predictable trends that are here one day and gone the next. Blow up the popular. Put it six feet under.

Start a movement that can only happen when you sport Seraphim Cloud: Radical merchandise that defines the indefinable. And the indefinable?

That's you.


(Heads Up) Make sure you visit my site periodically, as new designs and clothing will be promptly forthcoming. Hope you have a blast.

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